Übersicht: Drehort Frankfurt

In order to make it easier for you to plan and carry out filming and film productions in Frankfurt am Main and to work in a time- and cost-efficient manner, you will find useful information, contacts and tips below.

Frankfurt and the surrounding area offer filmmakers numerous advantages thanks to its diverse filming locations, its (municipal) service structures, its pivotal location in central Germany and its convenient transport connections.

Your central point of contact is the Service Center of the City of Frankfurt, where you can apply for filming permits for any time of day. There is no nighttime filming ban in Frankfurt, as long as the applicable regulations, especially for noise emissions, are observed. In addition, there are other exciting filming locations for which the contact persons can be found on the Filming page.

The surcharges for filming permits are manageable.

Support regarding traffic control is also available, should restrictions be caused by your filming.

Resource-saving and environmentally conscious behavior has also become increasingly important for filming. You can find contacts and suggestions on our Clean & Green City page.

Of course, the health of employees must also be taken into account as well as the German labor laws.

Frankfurt is a city with many different faces - and also of short distances, as you will see in our Location Guide. The experts based here will not only find you the best locations, they will also help you find affordable office space for your production.

Still need support for your team or cooperation partners for your shoot? Our Production Guide offers an overview of local companies and freelancers from various trades.

The associations of the various professions usually have a search function as well.  Networks also can be helpful when preparing and shooting.

Looking to supplement your team with well-trained junior staff or professionals? Then check out Jobs.

All information without guarantee for completeness and correctness.