Looking for a new film job? Or looking for film talent for your production? Then we recommend contacting the ZAV-Künstlervermittlung of the German Federal Employment Agency in Cologne (website in German only). ZAV-Künstlervermittlung offers a wide range of services and placements for filmmakers and producers alike. The focus is on the areas of cinema and television films and series, commercials and training films, acting and small actors as well as technical and production specialists. ZAV-Künstlervermittlung is very familiar with the requirements of the film and TV industry from its own production experience. It has intensive contacts with TV stations, productions, directors and casting agencies. The agency network in the major media locations in Germany helps to find the right personnel for all positions behind the camera, from production manager to wardrobe attendant. The artist placement agency is part of the Central Foreign and Specialist Placement Agency (ZAV) of the German Federal Employment Agency and is the largest recognized personnel service provider in the industry.

Production & Technology for Film / TV
Sabine Loch
T: +49 228 50208-2168
Sybille Steinfartz
T: +49 228 50208-2188

Acting for Film / TV
Ines Duda
T: +49 228 50208-2186
Kerstin Erle
T: +49 228 50208-2185
Ruth Höhl
T: +49 228 50208-2184
Julia Rau
T: +49 228 50208-2187

Small actors / Extras for Film / TV
Peter Eckert
T: +49 228 50208-2192
Annette Gebuhr
T: +49 228 50208-2105
Mariya Mezentseva
T: +49 228 50208-2102

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