Health insurance

In Germany, health insurance is mandatory. Therefore, all filmmakers employed in Germany must have health insurance for the duration of a production. For filmmakers who come from abroad for production work, proof of health insurance is usually required upon entry. German employees usually already have health insurance. For all others, it is possible to take out health insurance as a package for the duration of the production. Employees should be made aware that this insurance is only valid within the production period and in Germany, and that no follow-up costs will be covered beyond this. If you have any insurance questions, you should contact an insurance broker directly.

Medical care

Frankfurt am Main is a city in which the topics of health and medicine play a special role. You will find numerous specialists and specialist doctors as well as clinics and advice centers, also for prevention. Due to its function as a transportation hub, you will also find specialists for travel and tropical medicine here.

Pharmacies and emergency services

There are several international pharmacies in Frankfurt that can also provide you with medications from abroad:

At Frankfurt airport:
Apotheke am internationalen Flughafen
Terminal 1 Departure Areas B – Shopping Boulevard
Terminal 2 Level 3 – Shopping Plaza
60549 Frankfurt/Main
Telephone: +49 (0)69 / 695 807 0
Fax: +49 (0)69 / 69 / 580 716

At the central train station (website in German only, but staff generally speak English):
B-Level of station
60329 Frankfurt
T:  +49 (0)69-233047

In the Hessen Center in Frankfurt Bergen Enkheim (website in German only)
Apotheke im Hessen-Center
Borsigallee 26
60388 Frankfurt
T: 0 61 09 / 50 83-0

Important information (websites in German only, but most contact people will speak English)


Health information services



Emergency numbers

Hygiene officer
Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a hygiene officer is required on set during filming. For example, a production employee can acquire the necessary qualification in a one-day online training course at the Dekra Academy (in German only):