Institutionen in Frankfurt und Hessen

Institutions in Frankfurt

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Dokumentarfilm (AG DOK) is the professional association of broadcaster-independent writers, directors and producers in Germany and acts as a film and media policy lobby for documentaries.

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Fernsehforschung (AFG) has been researching television viewing behavior since the 1960s.

The Bundesverband Jugend und Film e.V. (BJF) is the central organization for children's and youth film work in Germany. The BJF is committed to the film interests of children and young people and promotes their film education, creativity and communication, as well as their cultural participation and media skills through a wide range of activities.

The Bundesverband kommunale Filmarbeit (BKF) is the umbrella organization of municipal cinemas in Germany (website in German only).

The Deutsches Filminstitut & Filmmuseum (DFF) is one of the leading international film heritage institutions and uniquely combines museum, cinema, archives & collections, festivals, digital platforms, research & digitalization projects, as well as numerous educational offerings.

The mission of the Evangelische Akademie Frankfurt is to reflect on social, economic, political, cultural and religious developments, to develop Protestant perspectives and to contribute to the democratization of our society (website in German only).

The Evangelische Medienzentrale offers an extensive range of media for non-commercial rental and provides support in the planning and implementation of events (website in German only).

The Filmhaus Frankfurt e.V. has been promoting the local film scene in Frankfurt am Main for 30 years with low-cost seminars, technical rentals as well as advice, information and networking. The Frankfurt Cultural Office supports this non-profit association.

The Filmkollektiv Frankfurt e.V. organizes independently curated film programs that are underrepresented for content-related and/or pragmatic reasons; publications appear for selected events (website in German only).

The Film- und Kinobüro Hessen e.V. organizes screenings for children's films, repertory and film art, organizes the Kinosommer Hessen and is the general contact for cinemas and film festivals (website in German only).

The Galluszentrum is a center for youth culture and new media (website in German only).

The Gemeinschaftswerk der Ev. Publizistik e.V. (GEP) is a media company of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD) that helps ensure content and topics are made accessible to the broadest possible public. Among other things, it publishes the magazine epd-film (websites in German only).

HessenFilm und Medien GmbH is the funding institution of the state of Hesse

The Katholische Filmwerk lends out films for non-commercial screenings and also provides accompanying media education material (website in German only).

The Kinothek Asta Nielsen e.V. aims to locate, document and make publicly accessible the film work of women in history and the present (website in German only).

Since its founding in 2001, m² MedienMittwoch Stiftung has provided a forum for creative and media professionals (website in German only).

The Medien-Studio-Bornheim works with a focus on media education and is a contact point for children and young people on the subject of digital media (website in German only).

The Medienzentrum Frankfurt e.V. offers media education and in-school training as well as out-of-school educational activities (website in German only).

The Vereinigung der hessischen Filmwirtschaft e.V. represents the interests of the state of Hesse and other bodies and structures (website in German only).

The Verlag der Autoren is a theater and media publishing house that also represents its writers as an agency (website in German only).


Institutions in Hesse

The Bundesverband deutscher Film- und AV-Produzenten e.V. is a network and interest group (website in German only).

The Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung (FBW) awards the ratings "valuable" and "especially valuable" and thus provides orientation for a diverse range of films (website in German only).

The Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle der Filmwirtschaft (FSK) reviews and issues age ratings for films and other media publications.

The Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung works to preserve, restore and reconstruct our cultural film heritage and make it accessible to the public (website in German only).

The hessische Film- und Medienakademie (hFMA) is the network of Hessian universities offering courses of study in film and media.

The Initiative Hessen Film sees itself as a democratic representation of interests and a collective voice for the Hessian production, distribution, festival and cinema scene. It consists of members Vereinigung Hessische Filmwirtschaft e.V., AG DOK Hessen e.V., Filmhaus Frankfurt e.V., Film- und Kinobüro Hessen e.V., Junge Generation Hessischer Film and Verbund Filmfestivals Hessen.

The Junge Generation Hessischer Film is a loose interest group and a member of the Initiative Hessen Film association (website in German only).

At the political level, the Hessian Ministry for Science and Arts (HMWK) is responsible for film.

The Institut für Medienpädagogik und Kommunikation Hessen e.V. organizes media education events with the goal of supporting comprehensive media literacy (website in German only).

The Spitzenorganisation der Filmwirtschaft e.V. (SPIO) represents the interests of the German film, television and video industry (website in German only).

The Verbund Filmfestivals Hessen - under the umbrella of the Film- und Kinobüro Hessen - serves to exchange information and represents the interests of the film and media festivals located in Hessen.