From Latin America to Africa, Italy to Japan: in keeping with its multicultural population, Frankfurt am Main boasts an extraordinary and broad spectrum of film festivals.

Festivals A-Z

Africa Alive (January-March)
Presentation of the highlights of the pan-African FESPACO Film Festival in Ouagadougou/Burkina Faso (website in German only).

B3 Biennale des Bewegten Bildes (October)
A festival platform that presents an intersection of film, television, communication, games, design, art and culture in an "alliance of the moving image." Since 2019, B3 has been held annually together with THE ARTS+ Future of Culture Festival.

Cinebrasil (September)
Festival of Brazilian Film at Filmforum Höchst (website in German only).

Cuba im Film – Festival de Cine Cubano (May)
Presentation of new productions from Cuba as well as works by film schools and independent filmmakers (website in German & Spanish).

Días de Cine – Lateinamerikanische Filmtage (November)
Presentation of films from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay (website in German & Spanish).

E&U European Short Film Festival (September)
The festival presents short films on the topic of Europe in Frankfurt's Europaviertel.

Europäisches Filmfestival der Generationen (October)
The festival takes place simultaneously in four cities and shows current films from Germany and Europe about age and aging for all generations.

exff – tage des experimentellen films frankfurt (August)
For the first time in 2021, the festival presented the range and diversity of experimental film.

Fantasy Filmfest Nights (January/April)
The pre-festival of the well-known Fantasy Filmfest for science fiction, horror and thriller genres.

Fantasy Filmfest (September)
The science fiction, horror and thriller genre festival. 

Film des Monats der Jury der Evangelischen Filmarbeit
At Mal Seh'n Kino, the Gemeinschaftswerk der Evangelischen Publizistik (GEP) shows the FILM OF THE MONTH every month (website in German only).

Filmclub Treppe 41 (every two weeks)
Treppe 41 is an experimental field for young cineastes, who put together the program every second Friday in the cinema at Deutsches Filmmuseum.

Filmkollektiv Frankfurt präsentiert (irregular)
The Filmkollektiv Frankfurt organizes a series of rarely shown films and whenever possible presents them in their original formats.

Frankfurt Chinese Film Festival (February/March)
The festival shows films from China in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf (website in German & Chinese).

goEast – Festival des mittel- und osteuropäischen Films (May)
Current film art in dialogue, promotion of new talent and film history, interdisciplinary - celebrates and promotes the multifaceted film landscape of Central and Eastern Europe.

Golden Tree International Documentary Festival (October)
International documentary films and documentaries.

I Can See Music (irregular)
Fascinating music films presented at irregular intervals at Orfeo's Erben Kino (website in German only).

Jüdische Filmtage (September)
A festival with films about Jewish life and identity (website in German only).

LICHTER Filmfest Frankfurt International (April)
Frankfurt's international film & media festival including films from the Rhine-Main region.

LUCAS – Internationales Festival für junge Filmfans (September)
The longest established German children's and youth film festival provides a unique overview of current worldwide children's and youth film production.

New Generations – Independent Indian Filmfestival (November)
This film festival is the only one of its kind in Germany, presenting the highlights of new Indian realism.

Nippon Connection – Japanisches Filmfestival (Juni)
The largest platform for Japanese cinema in the world offers not only films but also an extensive cultural program.

NODE – Festival for Digital Arts (Oktober)
NODE is an intermedia forum for cross-border exchange between art, design and technology in digital and interactive media.

Project K – The Korean Film Festival (November)
This festival shows the best of Korean cinema to German audiences.

REMAKE – Frankfurter Frauen Film Tage Frankfurt am Main (November, every two years)
REMAKE showcases women's film work and promotes an examination of gender relations in film.

The short-film film festival with popular short films from Germany at beautiful venues in the region (website in German only).

Terza Visione – Festival des italienischen Genrefilms (July)
The festival features popular classics and obscure discoveries of Italian genre cinema from the 1950s to the 1980s (website in German only).

Türkisches Filmfestival Frankfurt (October)
A festival rich in tradition with the latest Turkish feature films and documentary productions (website in German & Turkish).

Venezuela im Film (November)
Current and historical filmmaking from Venezuela at Filmforum Höchst (website in German only).

Verso Sud - Festival des italienischen Films (November / December)
Festival of Italian film.

visionale – Hessisches JugendMedienFestival (November)
Hesse's largest youth media festival for children, young people and professional filmmakers up to 27 years of age (website in German only).

More information about the numerous film festivals and film series in Frankfurt can also be found at the Kulturportal der Stadt Frankfurt.

Information on festivals in Hessen can also be found on the website of the Film and Cinema Office (German only): www.film-hessen.de/netzwerk/filmfestivals