Pandemic funding advice for Hessian filmmakers

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, film and media professionals have suffered considerably due to canceled orders. In order to improve the difficult contracting situation, the state of Hesse as well as the federal government offer various assistance programs. Not all of these programs are self-explanatory and the conditions are sometimes very difficult to understand.

In order to get through the jungle of applications, deadlines, conditions and changing regulations, Filmhaus Frankfurt e.V. and Initiative Hessen Film (1↓) offer pandemic subsidy consultations (tentatively until December 2022).

The offer is aimed at all film and media professionals in Hesse and is free of charge (in German language only).

(Please note that this does not include advice on project and film financing).

The consultations are conducted by freelance journalist, film and media maker Alexander Mühlenburg (see below for contact details), who offers:

- Online seminars via ZOOM (dates will be announced on this page) as well as

- One-on-one online consultations (approximately 60 minutes) via ZOOM, or by phone if necessary, on current pandemic grant programs. (2↓)

The state of Hesse has also established a centralized and cross-sector advisory service at (German only), which serves as a point of contact for cultural professionals whose diverse/specialized offers require a more complex approach to funding opportunities and to whom advice cannot be provided by the Initiative Hessen Film.

The funding opportunities vary and are constantly adapted to the current situation. You can get updated details on this in our newsletter (sign up here) or on this page.

How to get advice

Write an e-mail to

Please briefly explain your professional activity; in the case of companies possibly the type of company, and let us know whether you would like to participate in a seminar or take part in an individual consultation. In the case of individual consulting, you are welcome to make suggestions for dates. We are flexible and also accept appointments in the evening or on weekends.

It can make sense to participate in an online seminar together with several colleagues, many important questions are often only asked and clarified in a larger group.

The consultations take place in German.

Contact details for external consultants:

Alexander Mühlenburg
Telephone 069 - 133 799 98 (please leave a message if Alex does not pick up)

Our pandemic funding advice is kindly subsidized by the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art as part of Germany's Cultural Package II.

(1) The Initiative Hessen Film consists of its members Vereinigung Hessische Filmwirtschaft e.V., AG DOK Hessen e.V., Filmhaus Frankfurt e.V., Film- und Kinobüro Hessen e.V., Junge Generation Hessischer Film and AG Festival Hessen and sees itself as a democratic representation of interests and advocate for the Hessian production, distribution, festival and cinema scene.

(2) Important note: any information we provide is not legally binding; furthermore, for legal reasons, no tax or legal advice may be provided.

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